today’s architecture (and architects) lacks theory primarily because of fundamentals and principles of some of the intended objectives and aims in projects and activities lack rational thought. I propose this could be the reason for so much boring work these days. There was a good time which was the period between when OMA and AMO set out to publish their artful and philosophical writings, and it was not so long ago, but today, what we have to contend with is quite different: the chinese authorities are pushing very hard for taller and more phallic looking structures, some buildings pride on being built at the rate of fifty floors a week, or something phenomenally stupid. And yet we stare and gasps only to find absolutely no theory for any of the work in china which profess to be commercially amazing and stunning, and financially gratifying. Everyday we trade our souls for want of greater “design” success, greedily clamouring for undeserved credibility from our heroic acts as winning international awards at the rate of one a year. Hence we thought, why not to put on some brakes to this rush for fame and glory and hold the reins instead. We believe through readings and by reflecting and contemplating more seriously about this whole business and affair, we might be able to make more sense of our buildings. We want to arrange for the coming months book reading sessions, instead of getting our heads rolled on fast track competitions and more philosophical dialogues and discourse to enrich minds and souls, instead of aggressively submitting tacky designs for prestigious awards on a regular basis. Our readings if they could be accompanied by raw food events in our d7 premises could start to promote awareness, and more philosophy, less guesswork and shooting in the dark and more theory. Florentine Sack’s theoretical book the Open House has been put on sale in the zlgstuff store to those intending to share ideas and thoughts with us. We thought that our Kierkegaard and other philosophical readings might offer participants their moments to reflect and contemplate on their work, their design and check everybody’s career aspirations. We are not here to engage in repetitions nor could we expect to find happiness through mere copies or replication of iconic structures but rather seek deeply an invention and to expect small surprises and a positive change to our outlook, through reading, yes, and with some effort we can enlighten and take life above Kierkegaard’s definition of boredom and doom. Above all we must strive to be more critical at all times, and explore and discover the reality of our proposals by our own observation and intelligence and prepare a more calculated response.





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