frank lloyd wright movie night will be shown to inspire all young and old. the movie classic has been recommended by our event partner ian davies, it is directed by burns and novick and is featured in the zlgevent d7 courtyard. the film showing is aimed to be launched together with a pop up dreamscape lighting and sculpture exhibition at zlgstuff gallery and shoplet. this event will also see the collaboration with jun our new neighbour, and two invited artists, anne and odile. the wright movie will start at 7.45 pm, all students are particularly invited to share the night and enjoy professional company and network with artists anne deguerry and odile murphy and designers alike. we expect a crowd of between 70-100 but sometimes less is more. house pouring and wine is served upstairs and quality coffee is offered at zlg office and pantry area. jun our neighbour will be open to help with food so you can have sandwiches, pasta and selected beverage. please book early so we can plan for a nice evening with not too large a crowd as we expect long conversations afterwards in zlg conference room where we hope invited critics offer good dialogue; as always our office tradition and custom. please enjoy and see you soon. theres a small charge of rm 15.00 to help us pay for administration and light refreshment and also to maintain this great venue at d7. but we also utilise these small tiny funds to keep the venue running and maintain the screen and the space at zlg agora upstairs for dialogue and intellectual discourse.

Let Odile Murphy and Anne Deguerry take you on an exploration of inner world of dreams. The artists worked together on mixed techniques and media, interpreting many dreams brought together in one space. 
Allow them to recapture in a limited space, cocoon- feelings we experience while dreaming- an imaginary or deja vu landscapre, blurred faces and silhouettes.

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