it is not often that we get willing artists to tell their story, or a film to be critiqued let alone architects reading a book or inform of their audience. here for the first time zlgevents examines the choices of susanne zeidler, kevin low and fernando andrade, their crossing over between art, film and literature, but its humblest ways, inviting our own reflection, as layman analysis and also the exposition of self and looking into ordinary art forms without the formalities of an educated mind. zlgevents welcomes you as much as the artists helan pereira and priscilla lo and local architects who become our readers, to surprise us and share their viewpoints and be challenged wildly in the space of fifteen minutes amidst an escher film and beautiful pieces of work by 2 artists and a poet, arisha akhir. events starts at rm10.00 only and commence at 7.30 pm. we trust you will enjoy.


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