Events also known as incidences and experience are fundamental facets of life for the thinking person, intellectual or otherwise, the sensibility of architects is built upon this phenomena. The foundation of ones knowledge is expended and enriched through discourse, dialogue and communicative arts. Throughout ones career there will be moments of inspiration attained through participation or involvement made possible through social programs and exchange. zlgevents are multicultural and international in intent and aspiration. They have not been designed to target any specific audience or demography rather we believe they are created through a balanced selection of materials and speakers, ensuring that’s the benefits and enjoyment can be guaranteed. Cinema Paradiso, Dinner with Andre, Jules et Jim are cinematic creations, they are visual programs which have given deep insight into the appreciation of the fine and visual arts, and have made aesthetic changes to many a person’s life, let alone give everlasting entertainment. Not only do we have the power of films, and the power of interaction and discourse as exemplified in the many guilds of today, our great ancient philosophers abide by this rule for all ages. Mentoring, of Craftsmanship, apprentice or wisdom from internship and tenure of learning through humanistic means rather than through computer technological means will be our main point of alignment and subscription, a formal recipe for the resurrection of all intellectual and aesthetic development by any method. zlgevents is our expression of care and commitment to build a society of learning and sustainability. By this means we can share and exchange expertise, experience and ideas that can push our own boundaries and cross borders and forge long lasting friendship. Through self critique and examination of rationale or discipline of others we can begin to open up minds of the young and old alike and bring forth respect and communion.

Copyright. huat lim. November 2012


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